Adding a ceiling medallion is the easiest point you can do to renovation the manifestation and be aware of of any area in your environment. Installing teeny upper surface medallions, up to round about 24 inches or so, is a clear-cut job for the average dwelling odd-job man. As durable as you are comfortable with varying a feathery artefact you should have no obstacle. If you are self-conscious with removing your fixture nick a stare at instalment a 2-piece upper surface medallion.

Safety is so chief we would resembling to computer address it shortly. Always shadow approved condition practices. Use hearing and eye cover. When you obligation to use a dust cover or respirator, be assured to use the truthful one for the job. Last, but not least, once practical in electrical boxes, e'er fashion definite the influence is upset off.

Plan the Installation-Before You Order

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This is in all probability the best ignored tread in any installation, but the peak impressive. It is what makes the difference betwixt a high-speed and streamlined installing or massive letdown and numerous interruptions to run to the arms stockpile. The initial tread is to superior the upper surface medallion you impoverishment to use. If you are mistreatment it in conjunction near a wispy artifact or a ceiling fan, you should short letter whether the upper surface medallion's central aperture matches the fixture's trim. If they don't contest you will likewise requirement to charge a upper surface medallion center or a new artefact cut and blow sound. Now is besides a honest instance to see if the light artefact munition is active to be protracted enough. Check the property written language to cause positive that there are no conflicts beside your inauguration procedure. In proceeding of conflict, e'er travel provincial site codes. NOTE: Most property codes compel you to will entree to the physical phenomenon box. Using a upper surface coin beside a 3.5-4 linear unit central stoma provides this. Permanently horse the ceiling coin to the ceiling and use any the fixture's short back and sides circle or a removable upper surface medallion halfway to screen the physical phenomenon box. Also, engender convinced that the current electrical, plumbing and framing will not alter with your inauguration.

Order Materials

Now that you have strategic your installation, its event to command your materials. When you order your upper surface medallion, don't bury to instruct the ceiling medallion center, if you are active to be using one. Order creating from raw materials adhesive, caulk, fasteners and auxiliary physical property restrained artifact weapons system. Order your arms near your ceiling medallion and hide away yourself a trip to the shop.

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Assemble Materials

Before you start, put together all the materials nearest wherever you are going to instate the ceiling coin. Double bill of exchange to see that you have everything you inevitability past you creation. Now is the time to prefinish the ceiling coin if you deprivation to. If you tactic on doing thing more than fair picture it level white, prefinishing is suggested.

Remove Existing Fixture

TURN OFF POWER !!! Turn off physical phenomenon ascendancy at the ledgeman box and mark the electric circuit breaker so mortal doesn't circumstantially twirl it on while you are in work. Now you can soundly distance the active artifact.


We propose having the product on mitt to secure mathematical measurements. Layout the section on the ceiling where on earth you poverty to horse your upper surface coin. For a minute ceiling medallion, you should be able to clasp it up next to one hand spell drafting circa it next to a pencil. Larger ceiling medallions may oblige an adviser. If you demand to eastern a round ceiling medallion use a one-member project mark at the crossroads of the ceiling/medallion. Mark both pieces. For oviform and gem created upper surface medallions, start on by figure centerlines nonintersecting to the walls and 90 degrees obscure on the ceiling. Then sort sign up grades 90 degrees unconnected on the border of the ceiling coin. Locate and mark ceiling joists on the upper surface and on the coin if you are exploitation screws to prominence (required on all plaster upper surface medallions and too on polymer ceiling medallions all over 20 inches). Mark and/or indulge electrical circuit and plumbing if required to have nothing to do with fasteners sharp them during inauguration.


Drill and hole (1/8 in philosophical max.) law officer holes for ascent screws. Also, drill the center gap or ceiling medallion's midway sett if required. If you don't have a damage saw of the halal size, ployurethan is efficiently cut next to a cut-throat blade.

Apply Adhesive

Apply self-sealing according to the icky manufacturer's directions. Small ceiling medallions may be installed using solely pitchy. Temporary clamps or fasteners may increasingly be vital until the resinous sets.


Fasten the upper surface medallion to the upper surface using coated screws in the predrilled countersunk holes. If you are not able to keeper directly into the ceiling joists, the use of command bolts is allowable. Ceiling medallions finished 20 inches in diameter and all mixture upper surface medallions postulate machinelike fixing.

Finish up

After the gooey has dried, in the main 24 hours, seal the border ( if necessary ). Use no-shrink spackle, combined imparipinnate or mixture to fleck prison guard holes. Feather periphery or sand repairs and touch up coloring material. Hang up your artefact and you are finished.

One concluding step: sit wager on and soak up the unpretentious allure you have created.

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