Cocovida food oil is made from caller ripened Philippine coconuts, victimisation the cold-process manner of production. Cocovida uses really no heat in the fabrication of their oil. In information they are one of the rubor members of the (ANH) lot of companies, that have combined mutually to foyer for stringent guidelines in VCO industry.

The deep bulk of virgin food oil on sale in the US and UK is subjected to variable amounts of fry during production. Heating is in use to rid the VCO of the microscopic amount of wetness leftmost after the oil has unconnected from the macromolecule and the fatless drinkable. The hot allows the company to aggregation the oil on the day it is harvested. It can then be shipped the side by side day.......Unfortunately; calefactory the oil as well destroys some of the critical antioxidants and nutrients that cause VCO so advantageous.

Heated oils invariably have a low Lauric Acid blissful. Lauric Acid is the atmosphere series oily virulent which is gives VCO its mighty remedial powers.
Cocovida VCO has a not long confirmed Lauric Acid contented of 54.1%. This is really above the Philippine National Standard of 45.1% to 53.2%. The Philippine National Standard was set so low, to payoff into justification the Lauric Acid of the het up oils. Any oil near a Lauric Acid exultant of down 45.1% would about for certain not get licenced by the Philippine Bureau of Food and Drugs.

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Cocovida VCO is allowed to abide for 4 weeks after gathering. This is sufficient juncture for the ultimate moisture placid to independent from the oil. During this 4 hebdomad time period the oil is filtered a stripped-down of 4 present. This makes Cocovida oil, dampen crystal clear. (Please do not judge the litter on a few websites almost undersize brownish particles mortal "indigenous" to VCO. All it funds is, they can't be bothered to filter their oil. ) The judgment the wet flat has to be unbroken to an implicit minimum, is that it is the wet stratum that contributes to the oil after a while active rancid . Cocovida has a day-after-day analysis finished at The Philippine Institute for Pure and Applied Chemistry, the most recent display wetness placid of .12%, against a Philippine National Standard of .2%. We are consequently able to articulate the Cocovida VCO has a exceedingly long-range support enthusiasm.

Before you buy your side by side jar of VCO, gratify keep an eye on the facts. We are much than cocksure that the aspect of our oil is far crack to the some other VCO's before free in the UK and US

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