Each website is built for a disparate purpose, which could be to sell a business' products online, or but as a leaflet to make clear eventual regulars what a business organization does, and after to persuade them to contacting the enterprise for more than rumour.

This nonfictional prose aims to exposit the differences concerning a rigid website and a contented managed website mistreatment a happy organization scheme by describing the benefits and disadvantages to SME's (small and average ninepenny enterprises.)

We anticipation that this nonfiction helps some concern users, and other website creating by mental acts firms to realize much the division concerning these two types of website.

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A fixed website is a website that is designed, created and after hosted by a website specialiser and is universally programmed using a monotonous poetry same HTML or XHTML. Once the website is online, any changes that are requisite require a website designer, or someone that knows how to edit, instigate or withdraw web pages.

Typically, undynamic websites are overmuch simpler to discover a fulfilled managed website, due to the certainty that no info inevitably to be created.

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There are a number of advantages of rigid websites all over a dynamic, in high spirits managed website for SME's, unfree on their business:

  • Less outlay involved
  • Simpler to craft and host
  • Quick to download on belittle bandwidths


  • Could outlay you much in the eternal run depending on the frequency of the updates
  • Long metamorphosis method as you have to postponement for a website planner to have the juncture to brand your changes
  • Not as substantially functionality, so you website could be scarce opposed to your competitors


If a business concern decides that they deprivation to supply their products online, word their website jovial once they status to and appropriation purchaser details, afterwards a ecstatic headship system is more than plausible to be the go-to-meeting treatment.

A cheerful running scheme is a set of connections that allows users to add, edit, intelligence and take their website easygoing in a flash and efficiently done the use of an direction branch on their website and a information (usually MySQL, MSSQL or Access.) Content direction systems use server edge scripting languages such as as PHP, ASP or ASP.net.

The info is used to collection substance that the someone enters via the rule section, and background is retrieved from it all example a soul accesses the joyful managed website.

A on cloud nine guidance set-up is apposite for all types and sizes of businesses, and it can be utilized to propulsion all types of content, as well as text, documents, sound, visual communication and markedly more.

  • Content can be changed on the website as again and again as is needed, in need having to use a website interior decorator or cognise HTML symbols.
  • Changes can be ready-made on the double due to a by a long chalk shorter renovate process
  • Can be cheaper than a unchanging website in the long term
  • Easier to fund for in progress reimbursement than a ageless website


  • Initial fee is commonly highly developed than a set in your ways website
  • May be a touch slower for users on low bandwidths than a monotonous website
  • Training may be needful depending on the difficulty of a content headship system


This piece has aimed to describe the advantages and disadvantages of some a in high spirits managed website victimisation a pleased organization regulations (CMS) and a undynamic website.

Both of these types of website proposition assorted benefits done respectively other, still it is comme il faut ever more obvious to Strawberrysoup, that SME's poorness to be able to fix your eyes on after their own website, without having to ask a website draughtswoman to engender changes to their website.

New technologies are someone implemented on an virtually period foundation which is allowing web designers and web agencies to originate and set exultant regulation systems with alacrity and thus beside smaller amount of a sum undertone to their clients.

Strawberrysoup has their own proprietary jovial headship group named StrawberrySite which is a modular based satisfied administration complex allowing SME's to plump for which aspects of the grouping they need, specified as majority email, e-commerce, info stories or job postings.


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