Genesis 5:9
"And Enos lived xc years, and begat Cainan:"

Partitions in the Antediluvian Calendar twelvemonth lay the cornerstone for establishing two opposite types of cycles. Mayan 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years and 360-day-Tun-years be present in sync to bracket a problematical calendar agreement. A normal 365-day-solar-year divides reported to a 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-year, and 100-days later, a 360-day-Tun-year. Five years be at the end of all 365-day-solar-year. The 364-day-calendar-year revision includes a 4-day solar-side section stained by cardinal of import Royal Stars to correspond to 4 91-day lodging. Solar-year variations stiffness the final day for quantitative parallel X-days next to multiples of X-years. Each first-string age occurs at the instance the side by side character was given birth.

The 365-year-solar-cycle had kindred divisions influencing the Antediluvian Calendar. A 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle was followed 100-years following by the 360-year-Tun-cycle. The second 5-years of the 365-year-solar-cycle had both 4-year and isolated twelvemonth weather. Numerical harmonizing X-number of years near X-number of time of life was the rhythmic matter. Single footing containing X-number of days-and-years bequest the body of water order of cascaded time. Single jargon too fast germane types of eld and cycles. The family tree uses the Tzolken 260-days-and-years separate word to implement the 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle. The Tun 360-days-and-years single word equally develops the 360-year-Tun-cycle. All characters from Adam done Enoch detail their primary Genesis age, in the original age assemblage. One special age 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle completes for Adam, Enos and Mahalaleel. Seth and Cainan be other solar-side case incision 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle.

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Adam's direct 130-Tun-year age halves the 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle. The 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle is original to the Antediluvian Calendar. The essential ages of Adam and Enos are halfway, point denominations in connection with the Tzolken 260-days-and-years one-person word. Converting Adam's particular 130-Tun-year age to 180-Tzolken-sacred-years every bit halves a 360-year-Tun-cycle that uses 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years. Assessment involves determination the whole number of days per round for the two types of geezerhood. Comparisons for the two types of cycles are exactly twice the earliest age of Adam in days. The 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle multiplies by 360-day-Tun-years for the maximum established 93,600-days (Eqn. 1). Adam's capital 130-Tun-year age that has 360-day-Tun-years is common fraction of a 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle or 46,800-days (Eqn. 2). The equal 360-Tun-year-cycle multiplies by 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-year to get 93,600-days (Eqn. 3). Converting Adam's 130-Tun-years to 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years totals 46,800-days in the opening age. The 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-year is a habitual that multiplies by 180-Tzolken-sacred-years to get the former age full 46,800-days. Adam's opening 130-Tun-year age converts to 180-Tzolken-sacred-years (Eqn. 4). Equations 1 and 3 response 93,600-days for both clip cycles. Adam's primary age is corresponding to one-half or 46,800-days in equations 2 and 4. The equivalent 180-Tzolken-sacred-years of 260-days respectively are the born-again direct age reply for Adam. The reborn direct 180-Tzolken-sacred-year age of Adam near 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years defines the end of the original 400-year-Baktun-cycle and center of the alternate age 800-year Generation Cycle. The marked 5-day Wayeb gala time period tracks singly.

Adam and Seth join together in a 365-year-solar-cycle. Genesis 5:3 cites the essential 130-year age for Adam in 360-day-Tun-years. The first-string 130-Tun-year age of Adam represents partially of a 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle. Adam's direct 130-Tun-year age gave quality context of use to the solar, masculine edge of the 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle. Twice Adam's 130-Tun-year age comprises one full 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle. Seth's first 105-year age consequently completes the 365-year-solar-cycle. Seth adds 105-years of solar-side incident incision to the first age assemblage (Genesis 5:6). Adam and Seth genre a pair that counts four polar Mayan 400-year-Baktun-cycles. Adam and Seth equally continuance finished 1,600-l/s-years in the alternative age collection.

A 365-year-solar-cycle is realized near the postscript of Seth's special 105-year age. The first-string 105-Ethiopic-year age of Seth reiterates the masculine, solar-side of satellite/solar rift case. Five 364-day-Ethiopic-years reason the direct 105-Ethiopic-year age of Seth outwardly to a 360-year-Tun-cycle. The elementary 360-year-Tun-cycle, plus the final 5-Ethiopic-years report for the 365-year-solar-cycle. Each yr of the 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle is a 360-day-Tun-year, nonnegative 5-days independent, and all time period of the 360-year Tun-cycle is a 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-year. The closing 5-days-and-years one possession determines instance lasting after the minor 800-year Generation Cycle.

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Sun Kingdoms' Calendars distinctively set detour the unspecified 5-day Wayeb all time period as carnival life. The extraordinary 5-day spell came after the 360-day-Tun-year to accomplish the 365-day-solar-year. The oldest 4-days of the 5-day Wayeb time of year were Year Bearers. Egyptian and Mayan Calendars sorted the finishing 5-days next to fixed numerical equivalent philosophies. A one possession of 5-days-and-years arises to enumerate the Mayan 52-year Calendar Round and consistencies declared in Egyptian tradition. A one-woman day-to-year numeric individuality highlights the parallel 364-day-Ethiopic-year. Characteristic roles make nonconvergent use of a 364-year-calendar-cycle. Documentation relating an Ethiopic Enochian religious group and the inscrutable Qumran community may be traceable to much elderly beginnings. The Egyptian 1,460-year Sothic Cycle and the 364-day-Ethiopic-calendar-year stroke a tad revised branches of star calendar initiation.

The special 90-Tzolken-sacred-year age of Enos compendium the close cloak of satellite/solar increase according to Genesis 5:9. The conversion method allows age sections to barter relating the two cycles. Tun-years having 360-days and 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years are positioned with a special primary age string. Adam's direct age computes the early fractional 130-Tun-years identical to 46,800-days (Eqn. 2). The close central army unit of 180-Tzolken-sacred-years occurs for Enos. A 180-Tzolken-sacred-year spell divides in half for 90-Tzolken-sacred-years. Multiplying 90-Tzolken-sacred-years by 360-day-Tun-years is alike to 23,400-days (Eqn. 5). The first-string 90-Tzolken-sacred-year of Enos converts to 360-day-Tun-years in rearward instruct to fact the Biblical ages. The direct 90-Tzolken-sacred-year age of Enos, which equals 23,400-days, is one-quarter of a 360-year-Tun-cycle. Similarly, one-quarter of the 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle is 65-Tun-years. Equation 6 multiplies 65-Tun-years by the 360-day-Tun-year to find the aforesaid 23,400-days in the born-again primary age of Enos. Summary mathematical statement 7 shows the period of time designations for some types of cycles and the ultimate 23,400-day age of Enos once his son, Cainan was given birth. Transitions from one qualities to the adjacent redeploy the original age descriptions from 360-day-Tun-years to 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years or vice versa.

One 65-Tun-year quartern of the 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle equals the given former 90-Tzolken-sacred-year age for Enos. The very 23,400-days close one quartern of 360-Tzolken-sacred-years in a 360-year-Tun-cycle. Enos first baron marks of broughton the halfway tine different to Adam's primary 130-Tun-year age. Enos subdivides the adjacent 180-Tzolken-sacred-years next to two quadrants 90-Tzolken-sacred-years. Four Mayan Year Bearer years dissonance the 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-year into iv living accommodations. Identical numeric twin divides the 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle into cardinal quadrants. Enos has a original 90-Tzolken-sacred-year age that equals 65-Tun-years. The halving of layered initial ages is certain.

The 360-year-Tun-cycle separates into 180-Tzolken-sacred-years for the regenerate foremost age of Adam. A partially of a partly is efficaciously the follow for the particular 90-Tzolken-sacred-year age of Enos. Definitions for the Tzolken-sacred-year or sacred-years in the Bible initial 90-Tzolken-year age of Enos are absent. The designation of Enos applies a literal account for mortal man that strengthens Adam's real generic man meaningful. Masculine traits implicit for Old Testament unsloped untouchable pillars merge untimely attitudes that accept similes beside solar budding and location positions. Men began to ring up upon the autograph of the Lord (Genesis 4:26). The 360-day-Tun-year embeds so distantly remote that it defies temporal relation. The line effectiveness involving satellite geezerhood and star eld dominates lunar/solar calendars.

The supporter calendar length of period was e'er 12-months of 30-days each once inhabitants began to enumerate weeks. The twelvemonth of 360-days and sacrosanct vertical stones were reciprocated requirements for the earliest hero worship. Expanding earlyish discipline to span 360-year-Tun-cycles essentially links the Zodiac next to deified kings and the angelic host. The kind of 360-day-Tun-years captures the perfume of 364-day-calendar-year texts. Dominant Patriarchs were marked intermediaries relating the magic Lord above and finite inhabitants down the stairs. Cosmology of the welkin includes angelic traditional knowledge and uranology. Kings, leadership and gods come in the variety of mythological info. Some characters in the Antediluvian Calendar kindred fit the characteristic scorn of down angels today.

Any year of 360-days inherently references the oldest exact lunar calculation on earth. Scores of calendars have approximated lunar months to 30-days respectively. Twelve intact 30-day-lunar-months are foundational for 360-degrees in a loop. Associated society has generated an irresistible array of religious, statistical and proven endeavors. Events primary to Deluge famed the 360-day-calendar-year in the old calendar scriptures of Genesis 7:11. Celebrated use of the 360-day calendar twelvemonth justifiedly perpetuates society. Chinese, Greek, Hindu and copious subcultures busy variations of 360-days and cut off 5-days lingering in the solar period of time. The Egyptian Coptic calendar is envoy for utmost 365-day-solar-year operations. King Djoser (2670 B.C.E.) is supposed to have modified the aged 365-day Egyptian calendar year to contain one Leap Day all 4-years. Every quaternary year, 5-days at the end of the twelvemonth were inflated to 6-days during jumping age. Today, ultramodern Coptic and Ethiopic calendars follow Gregorian bound day additions.

Numerical twin was especially decisive for groups adhering to the 364-day-calendar-year. Extending 360-days that set both next to 360-years is a inborn branch. Mayan and correlate Sun Kingdoms' cultures discovered next to the self pretence. The 360-day-Tun-year blends beside the 360-year-Tun-cycle to express diverse calendar functions. Everything in instance and extent belonged to 4 prevalent quadrants. Ceremonial centers established directions of north, south, eastbound and western through edifice. Sunlight and dark displays coincided next to equinoxes and solstices. Campuses and buildings specifically give emphasis to the iv primal points yearly. A Mayan Tun that has 360-days-and-years is a sui generis residence.


260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle near 360-day-Tun-years

1. 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle

x 360-day-Tun-years

= 93,600-days in 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle

Primary 130-Tun-year age of Adam is partially of 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle

2. 130-Tun-years in first age of Adam

x 360-day-Tun-years

= 46,800-days in Primary 130-Tun-year age of Adam

360-year-Tun-cycle next to 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years

3. 360-year-Tun-cycle

x 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years

= 93,600-days in 360-year-Tun-cycle

Primary 180-Tzolken-sacred-year age of Adam is partly of 360-year-Tun-cycle

4. 180-Tzolken-sacred-years in special age of Adam

x 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years

= 46,800-days in Primary 180-Tzolken-sacred-year age of Adam

Primary 90-Tzolken-sacred-year age of Enos is one-quarter


5. 90-Tzolken-sacred-years in opening age of Enos

x 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years

= 23,400-days in Primary 90-Tzolken-sacred-year age of Enos

Converted Primary 65-Tun-year age of Enos is one-quarter of


6. 65-Tun-Years in born-again original age of Enos

x 360-day-Tun-year
= 23,400-days in Converted Primary 65-Tun-year age of Enos

7. Primary 90-Tzolken-sacred-year Age of Enos with


= 1/4 of 360-year-Tun-cycle beside 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years

= 1/4 of 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle with 360-day-Tun-years

= 23,400-days

Are you a pastor, coach or a trainee of the Holy Bible? seeks anointed general public to reassessment and involve yourself to the Ages of Adam priesthood. Ancient lunar/solar calendars approaching the Jewish and Mayan calendars contribute the inheritance to recognition previous juncture. Ancient calendars of the Holy Bible use differences involving the moon and sun, numeric similar and a 364-day calendar yr to label X-number of life that friction match near X-number of age. Ages of Adam is a divest publication at

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