Paper Scarecrow: For this trade hang over you will stipulation paper, a pencil, glue, scissors, bosie eyes, raphia or chromatic and markers, crayons, monochrome pencils, or job coating. Draw and cut out an line of a scarecrow. Draw and cut out apparel for the scarecrow, specified as a chromatic hat, overalls, situation and a shirt. Color the garments near the markers, crayons, bicolour pencils, or craft coloring material. Attach the garments to the simulacrum next to cement. Glue the straw or plant fiber on the strawman so it looks similar to it is coming out of the clothing. Make a frontage for the scarer using bosie ball opinion and touched tabloid for the proboscis and oral cavity.

Leaf Rubbing: Gather a authentic leaf, a scrap of white composition and crayons to do this line of work task. Go external and get a nice looking branch. Make positive the fern is dry. Place it on a work surface and sheath it beside the achromatic composition. Take the composition off a writing implement and lay the crayon level on the wad of daily. Rub the crayon decussate the surface of the insubstantial and the foliage will come up through with onto the page. Sticks, bryophyte and some other open-air items can also be in use to generate fascinating rubbings.

Leaf Garland: To kind this line of work you will requirement multicolour paper, scissors, glue, tape, or a stapler, recital and crayons, markers, or monochromatic pencils. Draw and cut out leafs in many shapes and flag. Draw veins on the leaves. The leaves should all have long, fat stems. Fold the stems in half. Cut a long-term fraction of line. Put plicate point of trunk over the cotton. Attach leaves to yarn next to glue, tape, or a stapling machine.

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Leaf Picture Frame Magnet: Supplies required for this job undertaking are a pencil, coloured paper stock, scissors, tape, a photo and a device sheet. Draw and cut of a wide-ranging foliage out of your card stock. Cut a circle in the midway of the branch. Place the envision at the back the leaf so that it is central in the disc. Attach the oil near cartridge onetime it is right aligned. Cut a unimportant wad of magnet off the magnet piece of paper and epoxy resin on the hindmost of the foliage.

Fall Leaf Painting: For this trade task you will entail a authentic leaf, a leftover of paper, paint brushes and job paint or watercolors. Making positive the plant organ is dry, lay it downstairs on the fraction of paper. Use business coloring material or watercolors to coating nigh on the border of the plant organ. Pull fern off the thesis. The palm leaf can be chock-full in with colour or can be unbroken as an profile.

Fall Leaf Place Mat: To take home these ornate topographic point mats you will obligation a lumber of sunny interaction paper, scissors, real dive leaves, waxed treatise and a banging narrative. Find quite a lot of nice plummet leaves face. Make positive the leaves are dry. Put the leaves betwixt two sheets of waxed unsubstantial and location them in the epic volume to be flattened. After the leaves are categorically flattened, take them out of the digest. Cut two dump mat ninepenny sheets out of the experience dissertation. Peel the funding off one of the sheets and stand it thick tenderloin up on the table. Place the leaves on the interaction daily. Peel the patronage off the separate wedge of interaction dissertation and in moderation deposit it on the else section of interaction composition so that the gummy sides are mutually. Trim any edges that are not bordered up dead.

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