We are cyclically told that we should forget something like
unpleasant experiences (failures) and engrossment on pleasing
ones (successes).

I agree extremely near the ending slice of this proposition but
only to a degree with the bit on forgetting roughly your
unpleasant experiences.

Rather, I have an idea that appalling experiences must be
confronted and "neutralized", other they will e'er
be lurking in your subconscious, ever set to lunge
upon you.

Don't deceive yourself into intelligent that they can but
and safely be sweptwing lower than the floor cover. Pull them authorization out
and cut them downfield to mass.

Clip their agency earlier they come through rearmost out to hangout you
and matter your existence.

These are violent slim beasts that make noxious
feelings of guilt, anger, impotency central direct
to anxiety, melancholy and down pridefulness.

These are creatures of Darkness and nought terrifies
them as substantially as Light.

Pull them out and probe them in wide daytime and
then you'll realize they are not as frightening as they be.

In statewide daylight, they heating away and become not freshly
innocuous but even useful: they thatch you module in
what NOT to do.

And that is how you can swot up from let-down and twirl
negative experiences into positive, outstandingly empowering

And "all's very well that ends well"!

In the speech communication of Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler: "Every glorious
person in times of yore has as well faced and dealt near
their own personal display of fears and negative
internal messages".

Anybody can do it!

Reserve several instance to be by yourself or, amended still,
at night, in the past you fall off to sleep

1. Make a listing of all your hateful experiences, all that
you can remember, as far spinal column as you can recollect.
Don't unit yourself. Just filch it easy

2. Carefully study respectively one of those experiences and
answer the following questions, as accurately as probable :

What happened exactly? Why? Where was it? When was it?
How did it end? Why do you characterize it as a perverse
experience? What may well have been the effect
if it had over other (Envisage as copious reasonable
consequences as realistic)? Don't you reckon belongings strength
have been worse if it had concluded other (Are you certain
it wasn't a approval in disguise, after all)?

3. After asking and answering all those questions, you'll
find yourself relieved, as if a shameful weight had been lifted
off your shoulders.

Your "negative experience" has now been attenuate to its
rightful size and rendered safe by man examined
in the Light of Day. It will no longest come up to retreat you.

4. From now on, you will do the selfsame with even your
most recent gloomy experiences and you'll in a moment cognisance
that these will go on more and more once in a while.

When you sit and dissect your life, you'll see more
and more success, smaller quantity and less nonaccomplishment. You will take
out this sweat from event to time, possibly past a period of time.

5. Now get up and stomach upright, Shake the dust of
negative experiences off your article of clothing and reposition forward,
fully awake that: You are the Maker and Owner of your Destiny.

So, why permit yourself to be subordinate by your own animal and

Why keep hold of worshipping a God you engineer near your own hands?

Focus on productive judgment but also make assured you "neutralize"
all destructive thoughts!

A.M.Sall - author, coach, success attitude strategist

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