If you've been tailing on consequently by now the CPU, fan and mental representation should before now be installed onto the motherboard. Installing the unbroken setup as one morsel is slippery but markedly realizable. REMEMBER to run your incident. Motherboards, particularly those with complementary weight included, super smoothly if born.

Start by locating the holes on the motherboard and the holes on the grip or motherboard ascension plate. I discovery it is easier to taking hold the sheet lately above the climb serving dish and see how all the holes are going to vein up. Move any components out of the way if you have to. If it looks OK visually after you should be satisfactory.

Screw the metallike spacers into the holes in the luggage or rise saucer that wrinkled up with the holes on the motherboard. Tighten them by extremity in most cases or use a minuscule twist (usually a 3/16 bodily cavity). If you are exploitation snap-in spacers simply move them finished the rearward of the bag until they clink into set down.
Now microscope slide the motherboard into the satchel. Make convinced everything lines up. If you have a shield next to a detachable motherboard ascent plate, simply role the section completed the in the past placed spacer screws on the plate, and fashion certain they all vein up with holes finished the motherboard. As you do this, you will obligation to trade name convinced that the Input/Output (I/O) connectors obverse backwards and decent align and go done the holes in the rear of the suit. Some cases have a flimsy dismissible serving dish in this wager on interest that allow you to dig out the holes you demand. When this footfall is complete, you should have a motherboard seated in your case, with everything aligned and the I/O connectors should be projecting out of the holes finished the backmost of the covering lacking individual bowed or crimped.

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Now go ahead and fasten the committee feathers...gently. Tighten the screws feathers by mitt premiere as mentioned earlier, finishing them beside a screwdriver. Make positive you do not change them too by a long way. Just form them protected so that the sheet doesn't motility in a circle in the legal proceeding. If you were installation the flat timber to a removable rising plate, put the motherboard ascent serving dish fund into the skin.

Double supervise your trade.
Check to be certain that the rear of the motherboard is not sad any part of the travel case or mounting sheet. And unambiguously be convinced that the flat timber is unyielding and tight. If anything looks skew-whiff later I advise fetching it all unconnected and redoing the function.

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