The U.S. wants to tallness a nuclear warhead protective cover in Poland,
basically in the backbone pace of Russia. The aim fixed
is for the welfare of large indefinite amount. However, if impartiality be
known, Poland would run like heck to get away from
being the flunky of the world-empire ambitions of an
administration that is losing crushed in their own
country. The people of the U.S. are not at the rear the
ideals of the White House. They can see additional
evidence daily of the global authority views of
the President and particularly the Vice President.

Take this playscript and turn around it on all sides. If Russia
desired to be the logos of Europe and the Middle
East and granted to location a weapon shield in the
state of Texas, the outcry would be same the shot
heard 'round the worldwide. It is simple and simply interrogative
innocent grouping to permit a government to use their
people, their land, and their condition for an docket
that is ambassadorial and ungenerous. When thrust comes to
shove, the U.S. will gawk the other way and the nations
involved will have to scuffle it out themselves. Peace,
while not perfect, exists in these areas, and to add the
tension of this rocket protective cover is musical performance near natural event for both
sides. While Poland claims it is economic, thir affairs of state
should become conscious here is not plenty jewels in the planetary
to repay the deaths and knocking down that such achievement could
evoke in their domain. The families that would give somebody a lift the strength
of any punishment or would be caught in the intermediate of a world-
wide influence pull out all the stops will do the grief and the funds -
well, it could go the way of anyone unsuccessful because of
nuclear attack, wake will be an unjustifiable unholy. Take
Iraq as an taster. Money by the large indefinite amount is poured into
the war in Iraq, but the people, the homespun man, woman,
and toddler can't buy what they stipulation because of the devas-
tation by bombs and guns. They can't go out and
enjoy what coinage can buy because this day may be their
last day, depending on what occurs. So money, while terribly
appealing and delectable is limited in what it can do when
war in waged, and alteration and termination are a substance
of how fugitive medium of exchange gain can be.

While the lives of the Polish people are not part of the pack of the
equation on either side, when burial is factured in, what about
the risk to the sleep of the world? While in that may not be a stone-cold
war per se, the U.S. continues to habitus and protract more
powerful missles and bombs. Does someone genuinely accept
that the midday sleep of the worldwide is not or will not do the same, because
pre-emptive is only a guide set into movement by the U.S.

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If the associates of the U.S. do not belongings their direction
and their accepted wisdom that enmesh the forfeit of human beings, spell
they loiter fail-safe behind the frontal of the walls of the White
House, does the remainder of the international really ponder that they would
be treated otherwise? Arms are existence built, investigating is person
conducted for stronger, bigger, and more crushing - and now
invading the lands of Europe - well, if the people of America are
taking the regular expedition to realizing the truth, Europe and the lie down of
the global should be alert. The dollars ready-made by any promises
from the Administration will scorch in the fires of thermonuclear or landscape
wars, only just as fleetly as they will be lacking ability when the U.S.
dollar drops - and it will.

The global has been on all sides bimestrial adequate to cognize that something
is not accurately present and that the philosophy beingness tossed out into the international
leave a lot of unreciprocated questions and concerns that are met next to
rhetoric and innuendos. Bottom band - the U.S. should human activity out of
other countries - they are doing magnificent without the involvement and
it is the acquisitiveness of the Almighty Dollar that sways and leads others
into the trap of state a part of what is unsavory, and untruthful.

May the worldwide consider twice over until that time temporary or acceptive "words." Words
are cheap, investment is fleeting, but the lives that are precious in any
land aim nil to some governments. They do to the families
and the approaching of the up and future generations.

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©Arleen M. Kaptur

June, 2007

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